Norwich Helium is a well established independent family run business in Norfolk – we supply Helium Gas for wedding balloons, birthday balloons, engagement balloons – in fact any helium balloon required! Collect our helium (in a helium canister) from our convenient Norwich depot.

Helium is a versatile gas mainly used in MRI scanners but also used as a party idea to create stunning scenes for special events. Have a look at our gallery to see examples of Helium filled party balloons.

If you know which balloons you plan to fill with helium we can advise you on the quantity of helium required and the correct adapter to use – this is included in your helium balloon kit.

Please browse this site for prices of heliumhelium facts and frequently asked questions.

If you require any further information please contact Alice using the information provided here or on 01493 732700 or at cryoind@btconnect.com